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SXSW - Hip Hop’s Culture Of Entrepreneurship
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SXSW - Hip Hop’s Culture Of Entrepreneurship

The Hip Hop Entrepreneurial Spirit affectionately known as "The Hustle" has elevated Hip Hop from a back room subculture to a world changing phenomenon.

Breakbeats, once only heard on underground mix-tapes now provide the literal baseline for commercials, advertising every product from soft drinks to aspirin.

Hip Hop artists not only headline sold-out concerts at Madison Square Gardens, but also feature films replete with A-list actors, and their own film and tech companies.

At the heart of this invasion of mainstream is the irrepressible, resourceful, and often underestimated, "original hustler," the Hip Hop Executive.

Attend this panel discussion to learn how the pioneers of the executive hustle brought their unique culture to boardroom, impacting the world in the process and how to successfully apply their time-tested principles to any worthy endeavor.

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