By Sadia J. (Lovely Chaos)

What a time to be alive! Everywhere slowly but surely women are moving from behind the scenes to the forefront. The year 2018 has been huge for women in business, politics and music, especially in Hip Hop!

Normally all avenues that are usually MALE driven - From Nicki Minaj dropping her album “Queen” to up and coming artist such as Saweetie, City girls, Rico Nasty and Tennessee native BbyMutha just to name a few! Even in the podcast world women are bringing their voice into the hip hop conversation.

Though Joe Budden May have brought Remy Ma on to his show, Poppin Off Pink is an all women led podcast covering hip hop’s in and outs! What’s going on now, things you know you want to talk about but are probably scared to, and lots and lots of history on the OG’s and the latest and greatest that you probably have yet to hear about! Their most recent episode recorded on #WorldMentalHealthDay “Black on both sides” being their 4th episode, Host’s Chi Chi,  Junie.Marz and Kimber dive into celebrating women such as the Lady of Rage and her contributions to the culture, Beyoncé’s secrets of handling business, even briefly on Nicki Minaj and her latest scandals. They even cover how important it is to have a mentor these days and how we can all win if we help one another while keeping good intentions.

There’s a seat for all of us at the table! Which reminds me about the most recent all women rap cypher aired on BET. Four upcoming artist who have managed to gain attention via social media got a chance to come together for a dope cypher which the legendary Erykah Badu and Dj premier were on the 1’s and 2’s dropping beats for them to spit to. These ladies : Bri Steve’s , Sharaya J, CHIKA and Neelam showcased their power in words all while empowering one another. It’s a beautiful sight to see us women move through the industry which such poise and grace while letting everyone know we are BADASS! We know our stuff and we aren’t here to play. Needless to say if you have yet to check out P.O.P (Poppin off pink) Podcast or the most recent rap cypher, you’re doing yourself a disservice! All women led! All black women led! All powerful! Just a reminder, the future is female ! XO

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Sadia J. (Lovely Chaos)

Sadia J is an author, poet, entrepreneur, social branding expert from Brooklyn

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