Did Jay-Z and Kanye leave J. Cole and Big Sean in the Cold?

MCHG dropped within weeks of J. Cole’s Born Sinner, which has been lauded as classic and skillfully eluded the sophomore slump. Yet, there were no Jay features. However, the ‘Let Nas Down’ remix featured none other than The Don himself. The Cole/Nas collabo was nothing short of epic, but we have all collectively moved on. Cole will soon go on tour with Wale but the internet and general public is buzzing (and will be for quite some time) about the Yeezus tour featuring none other than Mr. Kendrick Lamar. Not even a week ago we were gushing about the fact that Hov is featured on NWTS Pound Cake outro; which begs the question – what about J. Cole? Or Big Sean for that matter?

 We might not belabor the point was it not for the fact that both of these artists JUST dropped their sophomore efforts, and in what many considered a big way. I mean it’s almost laughable to call your album ‘Hall of Fame' and not even be tapped to go on tour with your Hall of Fame worthy mentor / rap icon / self-acclaimed g-o-d Kanye West.

Jay-Z introduced J. Cole to the world on Blueprint III and as of late, appears to be giving him the cold shoulder. One could argue that Jay was just obliging Drake’s request, but he actually took it a step further and implied that he was passing him the torch – REALLY?

And how serious can we take Kanye’s co-sign to Big Sean’s potential when you Jennifer Aniston’ed your protégé for hip hop’s current hottie from Compton?

It just goes to show the rap game can be Heartless, make you lose Control just when you thought you were headed for the Hall of Fame or thought it was a Cole World after all.