What da f*ck’s going on inside the biz
Sh*t ain’t raw no more
Fake is how it is
I hear brothers talking ‘bout shooting and killing
Then going home and chilling
Frontin’ like a villain
Let me tell you something real
Is how the Mack feel,
I ain’t no criminal and represent no steel
I tell you one thing though
MC’s better walk slow the Mack’s on the earth
to let you know
I’m on a mission from the kingdom of God
To do away with MC’s dat represent nimrod
You MC’s have been too bad,
So where you go now ice ya gonna wish you had
When ya disappear it’s my fault,
It’s time to put all the madness to a flying halt
And radio ya need to be ashamed,
For pumping murder, murder, murder all up in
our brain
I’ll tell ya now Big Poppa don’t like it,
Representing truth when the Mack
starts to mic it
I hope the subject don’t turn ya away
But the whole Hip-Hop generation need to pray
— Craig Mack, “When God Comes” (via crayboy3000)