Top 10 Hip Hop Songs About Hip Hop - #10, 9, 8...

Welcome to our first installment of the Top 10 Hip Hop Songs about Hip Hop! Be sure to check back every Friday as we countdown the greats. This week, we showcase the #10, 9, & 8 spots. Check it out:

10. Naughty by Nature - Hip Hop Hooray

Peace goes to L.O.N.S. and QuestNice & Smooth & Cypress Hill

I live and die for Hip Hop

This is Hip Hop of today

I give props to Hip Hop so Hip Hop hooray…ho…hey…ho!

9. Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead

If hip hop should die, we die together
Bodies in the morgue lie together


8. Bone Brothers - Hip Hop Baby

But I’m a hip-hop baby, from the heart I never flip flop baby

It ain’t nothin’ like hip-hop music careful how you use it

And please don’t abuse it when you do it music can keep the party

Now everybody got that jam that make you get up, wanna boogie

To the beat now, and if it wasn’t for the jones and the strings

And the lyrics that we sing what would life really mean now

Would it be just as fun, would you kick it the same, could you

Live with out it, could you still maintain, my thang is

Crank up the volume, because it helps me escape from my problems


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