SoundCloud fans react to Drake's 'WU-TANG Forever'

So we all know know Drake lit Twitter on fire last night after releasing the ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ track from his upcoming NWTS album. Even Inspectah Deck weighed in, expressing what most of us felt. There was so much anticipation and excitement that a Grammy award winning artist such as none other than Drizzy would be paying homage to the Wu in song. There are many who prefer Drake kill the singing on his records, and stick to rapping, so to say expectations were high would be a HUGE understatement.  

Check out the reponses & interpretations from SoundCloud below: 

Terrific_@mickey-knox-monroe: well for 1.. “It’s Yourz” is a song from Wu that they made in the 90’s.. “Machine gun raps for all my n-ggas in the back is a reference from the song and the first line from Wu’s song. He switches up his flow to Raekwon flow when his verse drops like half way through the song. There is so much in this song that has to do with Wu-Tang you just a dumb ass n-gga that don’t know shit

MySoundVince: some of the worst music drake has put out this year this album would probably suck but it will still be considered “solid”

My_Purpo$e_97: i just realized that the girl he’s talking about is HIPHOP, when he says “your man don’t do you right”, he means that other rappers aren’t real “hiphop”. and when he says “if we only f*ckin out of spite”, he means that he might only be doing some songs for the money. look here if you don’t think i’m right:…dcloud-audio-lyrics/

Aqua’man Ed: nothing to do with Wu Tang but the beat a sample lol


Pedro Andres Freire: This dude is gay

trebor17: The World Is Yours by Nas reference? References rappers way better than you is not a good idea

worieL: i hear the raekwon flow and snip of the hook from the original “it’s yourz” but other than that, i don’t get it .. o_O

Check out the original below: 

Later, Cookin Soul released a remix (not even gonna lie, I downloaded this one),  with the following statement

When Drake dropped the song last night we felt it needed more bounce & more Wu-Tang…So we throw in a new deep 808 bass, claps, snares, hats, kicks and the most important… Raekwon, Meth & replayed interpolations of C.R.E.A.M. Enjoy! 

So what do you think…which one is worthy? Post your thoughts below in the comments section.