Cuban Link- Letter To Pun
I have a soft spot for songs about past homies.
the lyrics always hit me close.
and some of the lyrics in this shit are too real for me somtimes.

Im just sittin back man thinking about all the good times we had
Theres a lot of things been going on since you been gone
I just thought it was time for me to sit down and write you a letter
You know what Im sayin, a letter from the heart

Yo, yo
Before I take a shot, I always make a toast to the sky
Blow some smoke in the air so we both can get high
At night I hold my rosarys tight and hope to get by
Close my eyes and ask the lord why he chose you to die

Though, I believe in God, I chose my own road cause of pride
I dont abide to no bible cause most of them lie

Lifes like a roller coaster ride, just try to hold on and drive
Its all about surviving, one day we all gonna die
I tried to hide all these feelings I was holding inside
Cause they always told me thugs aint suppose to cry
And show they emotional side
But, it soaked up my eyes
Cause I never had nobody really close to me die
Couldnt understand it at first, yo how do this work
You were just here full of cheer, now I’m following your hearse
Its outta this earth, I felt like I was damn with a curse
Had to light candle in church to handle the hurt

In retrospect, I always respect the man that you were
A man of your word that always put his family first
With talent superb all you wanted was to be heard
And You got your chance all of your fans are proud of your work
You made it outta the dirt and got on top of the world
But you still stood in the hood with your son and two little girls
You in iced out chains, your wife was rockin the pearls
You lived a ghetto fabulous life, the Bronx was your borough
And when the fame came you never changed. You kept it so thorough
We did the same thing, poppin champagne till we earled
You shocked the world, twin, every time you rapped on a track
You had cats like How this fat dude could flow like that?
Is he black? Is he packin the mack in the back of the acc?
The only Spanish rapper to snatch up a platinum plaque

Thats a fact. Its been written in stones, from here to Rome
When it comes to spittin them poems. You sit on the throne
I wish you was home. Life is so different alone
Spoke to Liza and the kids, little Chris is so grown
Hes your own spittin image. Its just like you were cloned
You know I treasure Manda and Sesha, like they were my own
Lizas still tryin to get it together
She had your back through the stormy weather
For that, I will never forget her
Times are tougher then leather
As for me, things could be better
I needed to clear my head up
Thats why I had to write you this letter